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Aviation Law:

Aviation Attorneys at Barnett Law Offices provides the highest quality of legal representation for Airmen, Mechanics, Part 121 and 135 Operators and Fixed Base Operators in FAA administrative and enforcement actions (including suspension and revocations actions and civil penalty actions) as well as civil actions involving pilots and injury victims.

Our firm can also assist you in the lease, purchase or sale of an aircraft, hangar or maintenance facility. In addition, we assist our clients with the creation of operating corporations and LLC’s in order to structure your purchase or business. We also have extensive experience in handling property damage, personal injury, and insurance claims involving aircraft and aircraft accidents and incidents.

Our aviation lawyers have the experience you need in actions involving the FAA and NTSB including:

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Injury Law:

Barnett Law Offices have vast experience in pursuing the rights of individuals and families that have suffered serious injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. We have extensive personal injury trial experience and the qualifications to handle personal injury claims whether resulting from an aviation crashes, automobile accidents, premises accidents, defective products, construction injuries or medically related negligence that resulted in physical or economic damage. From single party cases to complex multi-party cases, the attorneys of Barnett & Borth have the background and legal expertise to handle your claim.

Our Experience Includes:

Federal Laws Related to Vehicular DUI and a Pilot’s Reporting Requirements after a DUI Arrest

Section 61.15(e) of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) dictates that a DUI / DWI or alcohol related driving offense must be reported “not later than 60 days after the motor vehicle action.” The motor vehicle action includes each alcohol related event including any administrative action (driver license suspension, revocation, or cancellation) or any conviction. Each incident requires the pilot file a separate “Notification Letter.”

The action that must be reported includes the administrative suspension of your driver’s license. The pilot must report such action to the FAA, Civil Action Security Division in Oklahoma City.

Section 61.15(f) provides that the
“[f]ailure to comply with paragraph (e) of this section is grounds for . . .(2) Suspension or revocation of any certificate, rating, or authorization issued under this part.”

After a DUI / DWI or any other drug or alcohol-related driving arrest, a pilot is required to report the fact of the arrest (regardless of whether a conviction occurs) on the pilot’s next medical certificate application (FAA Form 8500). Failure to timely report the arrest will result in an Emergency Order of Revocation once the FAA learns of the event.

Airman Medical Certificates

Section 67.403(c)(1) provides for revocation or suspension of a medical certificate if you entered an incorrect statement on an application for a medical certificate, upon which the FAA relied. Therefore, even if it is determined that the pilot did not intentionally give a false answer to Item 18 on the application for a medical certificate, the FAA can and often does pursue an enforcement action against the airman.

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Non-Aviation Related Practice Areas

Barnett Law Offices have extensive personal injury trial experience and the qualifications to handle personal injury claims whether resulting from an aviation related event or other types of events. The firm also have experience with litigation in such areas as: